Aurea Pharma is a company focused on developing and providing patients with specialist products for skin care during and after radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Our mission is to continuously improve the quality of life of patients by improving supportive therapies in oncology. Products of Aurea Pharma are developed with the aim of proper skin care and its protection against side effects of cancer treatment.

The highest efficiency of our preparations, for many years so appreciated by clinicians and patients, has been confirmed by receiving Consumer Trust Award ZLOTY OTIS 2016. Thus creams RadioProtect and ChemoDry B6 joined the prestigious group of the strongest and most respected consumer brands on the Polish market. Thank you for your trust!


A specialist skincare preparation for skin irritated after exposure to UV and ionizing radiation, sunbathing or using sunbeds.

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ChemoDry B6

A specialist skincare preparation for dry and sensitive skin, particularly on hands and feet.

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MucoDry X

Gentle mouth spray that stops mouth dryness and painful swallowing after radiotherapy and taking medicines (xerostomia). Prevents bad breath (halitosis). Recommended for diabetics and older people.

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Obesimed Forte

Obesimed® Forte provides a different approach to weight loss. It is a medical device especially created for adults who are overweight by 10 kilos or more (or have a BMI of +28).

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